The Mandelbrot Set

About this project

This project is experimenting with large-scale high resolution imagery, from production to web distribution by Chris J Preston. The purpose of this project is purly experimentation and curiosity.

What processes are involved?

The Mandelbrot set can be researched on the web (e.g. Wikipedia). This project specifically is broken down in to two parts. Firstly the Mandelbrot set images are generated in a custom 'C' application to a specified scale. The image is automatically generated in 256px squared tiles. The application then determines if the tile has any content in it - if not (in the interests of web optimisations and disk space) the tile is discarded. Web optimisation is done in a batch Photoshop process. The second part is the ability to distribute these high resolution collections over the web using an interface similar viewing a map.

At this present time, there are 10 levels of magnification. x0 mag is 256px (with 1 tile) squared where x9 works out at 131,072px squared (with 15,088 tiles).

Click here, for technical information.

What now?

Both aspects of this project are still being refined, such as optimisations and interfaces; So expect to see updates here soon! Also, please ignore images that appear to be missing - this is a know bug with blank tiles that where discarded by the optmisiation process, I intend to make this neater at some point soon.

Down to business

You can access the set here. If you wish to contact me, you can do at