The Mandelbrot Set


Firstly, the Mandelbrot Set equation at x0 mag is running with a maximum of 30 Iterations. For each additional zoom level an extra 10 iterations are added (so x5 mag is 80 iterations) and the image is magnified by a factor of 2.

The 10 magnification levels are comprised of 22,466 tiles using approximately 193MB of disk space. Without optimisations and compressed images there would be 349,525 tiles consuming approximately 86GB of disk space.

All images have been rendered in my own custom software written in C (which uses no external libraries beyond stdio), on a PC with:

Real-time Processing

Along side the 'C' pre-rendering engine, a real-time engine was compiled in PHP using the GD library for image compression where each tile is generated on request, however on this web-server each frame can take up to 30+ seconds to render even at fairly modest scales, more experiments are being done in this regard however.